What's wrong with mid icons prices?

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So, there is a SBC to pack them....and prices skyrocketed? That don't make sense to me??!?


  • ha032742
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    Because people got Bobby Moore and Inzaghi
  • DutyHarry
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    ha032742 wrote: »
    Because people got Bobby Moore and Inzaghi

    Except mods :D :/
  • Jimmi855
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    Simple economics.

    There are very few mid icons that people want and therefore when a poor/average mid icon is packed then not many are sold as few people have them.

    The few decent mid icons aren’t being packed as much and due to their price being high in the first place there is a limited amount of people who have them and therefore not many are being sold as dupes.

    Lastly, the cost is high given the risk/reward. Over 50% of mid icons are less than the cost of the SBC so I’m guessing fewer people are doing it compared to the base icon earlier in the year.
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