Any news on PIM dynamic images on app?

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Tried to have a look around. Any news/updates when the images will be updated to the companion app?


  • WFCBagnall
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    They won't be unfortunately
  • Diggy
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    EA_Andy wrote: »
    rukawai wrote: »
    Just completed Prime Icon Moments Maldini. Was hoping to see the dynamic image. Instead all I got was the baby Maldini image!!!!

    EA seriously can’t do a simple thing right

    As Bagnall said above - this is only on the companion app, in-game they should have the correct dynamic image.

    Unfortunately for now this isn't something we can change in the app. There's an issue with how the dynamics display on the app, so it's not as simple as if the wrong image was being used.
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  • deeeyepeepeewhy
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    Technology just isn't there yet.
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