Just played Feelfifa... Disgusting

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He gets back into game after he scores corner runs pitch.. dabs... Next half he comes out 1 depth drop back never seen anything so defensive in my life. He then scores a fortunate reflection... Dabs... Starts to drag game and eventually he get the win. I'll admit before the game I didn't know who he was named seemed familiar so I googled it... 1m subs... Such negative gameplay from someone with a 30+m team. What has the gameplay come to fml


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    Every team I play now rival or WL they are so depth 1 and let AI defend for them why it is always hard to score them. Also why must I hold r1 for me to score this is the number 1 bull in Fifa
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    You're probably on their channel now.
    "ZoMg guiYz hoW tO bE trolL git gUd"
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