Came back from about a month away...

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Played two games and had enough. Really unfortunate that I gave up on this game this early. Been playing since fifa 10 and this is the earliest I’ve ever stopped playing

Best part is, never sold my team when I first stopped playing and just listed them all now... taking about a 1.1m loss on everything haha

Hopefully by tots time, Eusobio/R10 will have PIM sbc and that can reel me back in. Oh well


  • Jfo88
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    Game is horrible I just play the menus
  • xHerdie
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    Jfo88 wrote: »
    Game is horrible I just play the menus

    Haha even that is more than me these past couple weeks. Normally I would have been trading but even that didn’t entice me

    Not sure if it’s me getting older or EA making the game less fun
  • Daveofwales01
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    Only play now through addiction, play other games and somehow always come back to FIFA then rage, rage, rage, sell team, enjoy building a new team, play a few games, hate it, rinse and repeat
  • Dan is Clutch
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    Jfo88 wrote: »
    Game is horrible I just play the menus

  • Libguy
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    Ibra and Lukaku are centerbacks now. Things got weird.
  • RealM
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    Decided to try WL in 3 months, played 2 games and just uninstalled the game so it will keep me away. I can't take playing it any more especially when I don't have that great connection on Fifa for some reason.
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