Defensive structure of team

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Can someone explain why my teams don't defend properly in formation? I remember as far back as fifa 11 and fifa 12 when they did do this perfectly. I think since this new engine Frostbite (believe its the name of it) the players have no discipline to their positions and don't defend in a compact manner at all.

Is there a way to defend in a more compact way with any formation? Or is formation irrelevant no apart from in the attacking sense? I haven't played this game in ages, but the way both teams defend is not tactical at all in this game compared to even really old editions above that I've mentioned. I remember in Fifa 11 and 12 when the players used to position correctly according to the formation in attack and defence. This game feels a lot worse than those games, which isn't ideal when they've had so many years to improve and in fact seemingly made the game worse. Maybe I am missing something?
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