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Hello everyone,

We have just released a new pitch notes articles talking about Weekend League and the extended redemption window.

You can read the full article here.

Let us know any thoughts, questions or feedback you have about this.


  • Retropoe82
    1557 posts Play-Off Hero
    Tbh its needed this from the start. Few times ive missed entry due to my shift pattern or i've been busy.

    Good move tho, shame there isn't that option to extend to say a monday 6pm.

    If you redeem on a thurs you get fri,sat,sun

    Redeem on a fri you get sat,sun,mon

    Means ppl could fit the weekend league in better around personal schedules
  • Pooter
    4802 posts Big Money Move
    I guess its a good idea. I also have strange shift patterns at work
  • Dylanfcu
    2 posts Ball Boy
    Please fix this game its so broken i got a sick team im an elite player and i cant even play a normal game? Watch on YouTube fifa 19 is scripted and you see what is going on with this game its unbelievable most of the games i played i have 20 shots on target and my opponent 4 shots and he win 4-3 😂😂😂😂😂 kick of goals 45/90 min goals the goals he scored was luck to and kepa (goalkeeper) is getting everything and i use de Gea and he dont save anything and when i play against the goalkeeper i sold he is playing like he is the best goalkeeper to get...
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