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Someone help me which SBC to do.

Both Can be done using Untradables

For KLUIVERT i need to sacrifice 86 Larsson(Untradable)



  • Stoz
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    Having used both players both are poor tbh kluivert can pass and dribble and score some great goals but he does tend to go missing for periods of the game and is quite lazy. Shearer is decent but doesn’t have many skills but can score good goals but he cannot head a ball for toffee yet this was one of his main strengths in real life. Personally I would say spend your hard earned coins elsewhere I bought 90 mbappe and he’s been beat striker I’ve used in the game period
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    Thanks Mate...
  • Kingdingaling
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    I'm getting bored of ibra so looking new St just tried shearers loan he's long range shooting is insane gk can't save them n for corners he's the same as ibra ibras better dribbling makes him better but shearer looks cheap for a prime moment
  • Eroberto
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    Do yourself a favor and wait for tots. Don’t waste your coins or untradables on shearer or kluivert. There will be so many better strikers during tots and they will be selling for a fraction of those sbc’s. If we were in November or December then their sbc’s might be worth it but not this late in the game
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    Thanks Mate..I will wait for TOTS
  • OZero
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    Wait for tots
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