UCL Walker, RTTF Aurier or Carniball Bellerin at rb?

Ze Jay
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I have 250k just sitting there and I've had walker's normal card at RB for 559 games so I thought I'd add abit of colour to the position.

Which of these would be best at RB? UCL Walker, RTTF Aurier or Carniball Bellerin?
Thanks in advance :blush:


  • MaddMike3711
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    Personally, RTTF Aurier is easily the best.
  • RascalinHere7
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    I packed UCL walker as my first CL card pack in beginning of game.... I’ve had zero complaints about him and he’s amazing. Only recently now using FB Alves for chem reasons.
  • mellow_yellow
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    I have the same question really, got no problems with walker but the coins are burning a hole.... Would love fs trent but he's out of budget. I've thought about rttf aurier but is he worth the extra over my untradable nif walker?
  • DangerMouse
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    edited March 28
    RTTF Aurier is a beast 99 jumping hes great for clearing back post headers
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