This guys videos are absolutely bang on the money



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    bberger wrote: »
    I think I just subscribed to my first YouTuber..

    First one for me too bro. Can’t stand any of the mainstream guys
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    CFCHenri wrote: »
    Check out another YouTuber called Inception. Also has a podcast, has been speaking about gameplay problems since FIFA 15.

    I do know who he is, I think his understanding of football isn’t as good as this guy though. It also annoys me at how much he uses the word ‘transition’ 😤😅

    I like these guys both but come on, Inception has been doing it since many previous FIFAs like 15 i believe, he's encouraged this movement. There's even a podcast of StallionSama and Inception together talking about the game's issues. Stallion is a pro so of course maybe his wording will so sound better, he plays the game more and generate lots of clips. You don't have to criticise who you don't like for how they speak or little things they do, how he plays, these guys are putting out content that showcases how bad the game is, no need to belittle one another.
    Talking about his gameplay, it's not like he's spamming la croquetas and crosses. He plays possession and manual defends. Most people play FBs and CDMs on stay back. Sweaty goals, this is a hard game to go through the middle with majority playing drop back and the auto ai defending.

    This is his gameplay

    This is a recent video of finishing

    I respect him, and agree with a lot of what he says, it’s just I don’t think his knowledge of football is that great. Also as someone else pointed out, he sometimes plays like a scrub, using dragbacks excessively etc. Just my opinion, I don’t hate him or anything
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    Jeyj38 wrote: »
    I have no interest in YT FIFA (kids pack opening and stuff) but THIS is some content worth broadcasting.

    He speaks some truth, but still a subjective point of view most of the time. He thinks he is entitled some goals in situation he clearly doesnt...

    Still great to point out flaws.

    Amen to that. I hope he blows up, it could only be a good thing for the game!
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    Cheeky bump for those that haven’t seen
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    Anarki301 wrote: »

    He should be a much more prominent figure in the community! He has a real good knack of explaining his ideas. Much respect to him

    I do agree, but it's just a little different perspective.

    He is very much respected, it's just, he won't ever get big exposure because kids won't watch it, this topics doesn't interest majority of player base, but people who should watch his videos already know this and they do watch them, that is what matters, but it doesn't guarantee that we will see positive changes even if I don't see why not, he is bang on, and all the things he speaks about this year is a must change for future, everybody can clearly see how broken this things, that he speaks off, are.

    PS: there is a lot of talk from EA these days that they will fix "everything" for next year, but that is no different to any other year, and still, we get games like this year, so, they know what they need to do, it's just, idk if we will see improvements.

    EA won't make drastic changes, while microtransactions sales are at an all time high for Fifa. Expect more of the same next year, you're being naive if you think otherwise. Don't fall for their marketing tricks, like the majority of gullible sheep.
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    We can say the same thing for months to years and we all know deep down, they don't give a **** so we end up talking to amongst ourselves.
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