EA needs to improve and save this game. Fifa rant and ideas.

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At first, apologies for my english, its not my native language.
I have had this urge to post this for a long time, and I hope EA and Fifa community notices this. Many of the problems i'd like to point out have been discussed before, but I hope I got at least something new for this topic.

Where do I even start. Most fifa fans I know are really disappointed with Fifa 19, and this is a trend that has been continuing recent years.
Community doesn't like Fifa 19 and the way Fifa-series is developing. Old bugs staying on game from year to year and new ones following.(kick-off glitch, near post corners, players not responding to ball and many others)
No major new content for Pro Clubs and Career mode. Gameplay getting worse with boring, overly assisted and op Ai defending and fewer ways to play or score efficiently.
And online gameplay being so inconsistent. Many years players have been complaining about delay and we have not seen a fix for those issues.

My background with series:
I have been playing Fifa almost from beginning, since Fifa 99, then Pro evolution soccer went ahead and I stuck with that couple of years.
But i think it was Fifa 06 where game really improved, and it developed to be better than Pes.
At first I mostly played career mode, but when ultimate team came, I slowly started playing more online.
In Fifa 11 my friend introduced me to Pro clubs. Fifas 11-17 I enjoyed both modes, fut and clubs, and got about 1500 games in both.
Fifas have never been perfect games, but fun was there with mainly good gameplay.
Overall played 1500-2000h every Fifa, so I think that I have quite good perspective for the matter.

Thing that bugs me is that on Fifa 18 gameseries really started getting worse. Game wasn't balanced when it came. Then it was constantly being changed with patches. I think we got decent product for only half a year.
When Fifa 19 came out, it all started from the beginning again. Why can't we have polished product from the start?
In my opinion Fifa 18 would have been great if EA would have balanced Fifa 17 more, added a lot of content into modes other than fut and fixed connection problems.
People aren't so excited about new shooting mechanics. My honest opinion is that there was nothing wrong with Fifa 18s one.
Rather I (and many others) would like to see more honed/responsive gameplay, less script and bounces.
Add more content on Career mode, Pro clubs and Fut. No need to add new shooting or dribbling system every year, just to mess with players muscle memory.

Fifa is dying every year earlier and earlier. Many people stop playing ( and buying fifa points) after a few months. Even most hardcore fans start to question why we play the game that isn't enjoyable.
I think the biggest reason why people become bored and frustrated is because gameplay isn't fun and fair in Fifa 19.
Normal short passes do not go where you aim them, through passes go to opponent's goalie. Sometimes those go to a player running behind, when you aimed forward. Ai assistance in defence is way too overpowered and attacking Ai is too dumb.
Ai controlled players make runs, but stop in middle of it for no reason.
They run forward sometimes, but into crowded area, not open space!? Crossing with el tornado to backpost is often the easiest way of scoring. And rest of the goals come from the ball bouncing off defenders or rebounds.

Online problems:
Then there is online connection.. oh man oh man. I play with 4G air broadcast, but with wire from the router, because there is nothing else available here. I have no problems with any other game but Fifa.
In Rivals alone i have have tens of disconnects this year. Every other game is laggy or even worse, delayed, and my Hazard, Socrates, Mbappe moving like in mud and performing commands few seconds late.
I have done all EAs pointless online troubleshootings. Opened ports, deleted origin cache.. everything and more. Problem is on EA servers. https://www.reddit.com/r/FIFA/comments/andtcj/the_real_cause_of_speedup_lag_and_button_delay/
Weekend league is not as bad, but plenty of games are still almost unplayable. In online singles my latency jumps from 1 to 4 bars.. i rarely get good connection in any of those modes. The best experience I get from normal 1 vs 1 Seasons or Pro Clubs.
But who wants to play a lot of 1 vs 1 Seasons in the long run and in Pro Clubs division 1 is full of cheaters on pc. Have been in fifa 18 and 19 now.
Why can't EA do anything about it?? It ruins the experience when you play against 99 pros and 99 Ai who win every challenge.

So what's left to enjoy in the end? Starting new Pro Clubs teams in division 10 again and again. Or playing Squad Battles on fut? Where Ai parks the bus for 90min, even when losing 0-3.
You just try to cross and hope that Ibra or Socrates head those in, or spam timed shots. At least in fifa 18 this mode was chill to play on legendary and scripted, but manageable on ultimate.

I would like to propose some improvements for fifa 19 and 20, as so many people online criticise this game, but not many offer solutions.

-Casual mode, like weekly tournament with some items/players to pick as rewards. And some team requirements( Silver/Bronze or nonrare gold for example).
Maybe you could win that for example three times to get all rewards available.

-Longer weekend league from friday to monday, so it doesn't feel like a chore after a couple of months of playing. 30 games is still a lot of games, 20 could be more healthy, but at least add one more day to play.

-Chemistry or stat upgrades could be earned by playing a lot of games with certain players. Many have proposed this. For example play 200 games with Pogba to increase his overall by +1.
Or play Pogba and Ronaldo together 200 games, to change link between them from red to yellow.

-Add co-op seasons into fut. Where both players can pick half of team from their players. Divisions 5 to 1 and some decent rewards finishing season with promotion.

- Club legends/Cult players
Like Icons but affordable. Players we used to enjoy in older Fifas who are retired now, but not good enough to earn an Icon-card.
For example players of 80 to 85 ovr who link with everyone, and got some op attributes here and there.

-Rivals is the most competive gamemode now, it is ok for me and rewards are good. In my opinion it can stay at it is if EA add some casual fun in fut also.

-Ai in squad battles needs to be more fun to play against. Make them attack and play with different mentalities. More like fifa 18 squad battle Ai. Maybe even less scripted.

-Custom online leagues and cups. Possibility of an entrance fee that goes into the prize pool.

- Most important: All these online modes NEED TO HAVE good connection for all players. Too many suffer from delay/lag or disconnects. Its 2019 and other games work well with 20 ping, 40 download/30 upload internet.

Pro clubs:

-Get rid of hackers
-no possibility of player/Ai having over 90 ovr.
-at least try to ban people who cheat, they take the joy away from everyone else

- Some rewards for winning divisions, higher the better
for example: boots/hairstyles etc.
-Weekly cup rewards. Maybe you could win Prime gold players pack into fut or something like that.
-You could upgrade your Ai players as rewards also. Or hire new ones. Made up or real life. Like getting five Division 1 titles to get Varane into your team.
-EA could add huge amount of visual unlockables which you could buy with fifa points or earn playing. That way EA could also make some money from Pro Clubs also.

-Change it so the game always remembers set piece takers like in fut.

-Add ability for players to join in the middle of the game as a substitute.

-Add practice arena mode where your team could practice together. ( Corner tactics/ games againt ai, just do some drills and chill together.)
-Many fields/futsal/fifa street style of areas where you could go freely and play different minigames with your friends. ( Fifa used to have something like that, but EA took it away)
-Now add something like NBA 2k series has on its Pro player mode.

-Custom tournaments for clubs too, especially good for pro leagues.
-Market for clubs for players and clubs easier to switch between
-Ability to choose the max number of opponent players in order to have fair matchmaking

-Loan club and main club. Easier to change between casual and more serious club.

-If fut and pro clubs are both fun and polished, and you could add some way rewards between them. People would play both.
Many people enjoy both squad building aspect of fut and fun team play of clubs.

-Pro clubs community keeps this mode alive with countless online leagues and web sites. Its now time for EA to pay more attention to Pro clubs as there is so much potential in this mode.

- Most important: All these online modes NEED TO HAVE good connection for all players. Too many suffer from delay/lag or disconnects.

Career Mode:

-Most of career mode people are not so interested in the new cut scenes, but would rather see the actual improvement of the career mode and addition of fun but realistic content.
-People want more realistic Ai transfers and lineups.
-Smarter random gen for new players. ( Not striker with 1 star skillmoves or keeper with 3.)
-Different playstyles for teams ( Some play longball, some counter attacks, some tikitaka, but not league 2 teams with scripted difficulty)
-Career history stats for players that you could check. ( real life history of player with team/season/goals/assists and game saving season stats so you could check those later like in Football Manager)

Gameplay problems:

-Bounces and random things are common in football, but in Fifa they took it to the next level.
If this is gonna be Esports game, EA really needs to tone random bounces and random finishing down.

-Inconsistent gameplay
Content doesn't matter if gameplay isn't enjoyable and my expensive players feel like bronze players and turn like trucks.
If its internet or just coding issue in the game, it has to be fixed. Gameplay should feel the same all the time, just players slowing down a lot if on low stamina.

-Unresponsive gameplay
Players not shooting when you press button, not turning, skills not registering etc..

-Short- and throughpasses not going where you aim them

Drop back tactics should effect your build up play more. More stamina penalties for constant pressing and if you just defend and look for counter attacks.
Constantly defending is very tiring irl too.

-Player runs and movements
Ai stops runs, doesn't run into open space, but instead runs into opponent's defenders or your own players.
AI doesn't search for open space inside the box, but instead just stays in the middle of defenders. Just few steps backwards and he would be open for a pass. Overall ai movement in attack is very poor.
You can see the difference when you play with good human players on pro clubs. They move so much smarter.
Fifa 17 used to have much better attacking ai.Even fifa 18 had better.

-Defending AI is too OP

-Some skillmoves being completely useless and then you got only few overpowered ones like La Croucueta, which slides your player through opponents players if you do that from side to side.
Need more balance for those. More skills being useful and tone down La Crocueta.

Youtube links for some gameplay problems:


Italian Stallion:



Almost all of his videos.


All of his videos.

And many many more.

You guys at EA should really really fix your product now or never.
If problems are on frostbite engine, develop game from scratch. Better now than later when all players have left fifa.
It is still possible to make a game that suits for Esports, Hardcore players and Casuals. Just need to have well made modes for everyone and fun/responsive gameplay and
- Most important: All these online modes NEED TO HAVE good connection for all players. Too many suffer from delay/lag or disconnects.

Hope this is not too late for Fifa 20.
If you guys have other good ideas, please tell.


  • Ronaldinho999
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    The idea is to catter the kids, theres literally no hope for fifa 20 or any other fifa in the future, speaking of future, video games will be more and more about AI interference that way they will get bigger audiences = more money

    I admire your effort but everyone needs to get real
  • Kules
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    I approve of this message.

    It's about time we got fair, fun, skill-based and lag-free gameplay.

    It's about time for EA to stop neglecting Pro Clubs, use its vast potential and take care of all the hackers.
  • Jetwhitespurs
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    Combine Fifa and Football Manager and you have a game that'd be World Class
  • Marsstorm
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    edited April 2019
    Combine Fifa and Football Manager and you have a game that'd be World Class

    That would be great, they had it though was fifa manager 2014, and is kept by us their fanbase we upgraded to 2018 looking on 2019. There are forums dedicated to it.

    FIFA should start focusing on single player because is to limted,
    Stop the political correct nonsense/studio politics as it's just alienates its base [ terrible choice from all perspectives which ends up reflecting revenue, that they should learn lesson from bioware] and give choices to make players from scratch or [plus] give us real players choices. The fact is the single player is the most dull aspect of the game. To much focus goes on FUT and online game play.[ I understand why, cash flow but by doing an aggressive focus also limits the game sales thus cutting off potential new users which fifa doesn't appeal, thus failing to capture market share , also it employs overtired strategy which gives nothing to look forward to the tired fan-base thus losing marketshare]
    Make a new shift toward manager focus as many games mentioned here, do and give far more option as mentioned, also revamp single play and story and cut the [toxic] fat I mention [ in meaningful way, not just restructuring] give freedom of customization to create from scratch what the customer wants .
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