Reasonable pack price?

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What does anyone think is a reasonable price guide for fut packs? Is spending £15+ on an ultimate pack to much for what you get or just to much in general?How is it different to promoting under age gambling as realistically to compete in weekend lges you have to buy packs....there is not enough time to play and trade to improve your team to that extent! Surely a new system needs to be put in place to reward better players earn a better team quickly but also be fair that at least by the end of the game everyone could potentially earn the team they'd like!


  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    There's nothing reasonable about the price of packs. Main reason alot of us don't buy them as they are a complete scam.
  • Tooner9
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    Think most would agree but how has this not been brought to the attention of the authorities as a under 16 year old couldn't walk into a bookies to place a bet but they can gamble with real money buying packs on fut! Hows it any different to having an addiction
  • SuperJames9005
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    Halve the coin price because most likely you get 1/5 of the coins back. 100k pack you get 20k for full discards.
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