Copa America Team Show Off

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So I created this team the other day and it is genuinely the most fun that i have had with a team so far this Fifa. Everyone knows that TOTS Pabon is awesome, but the real finds from this team are TOTS Uribe and TOTS Ortigoza. Uribe has 15 goals in 7 games and just seems to be in the right place to finish everything, at his new price of 28k (min) on xbox he is an absolute gem. 4* Weak foot is perfect, ideally he'd also be 4* skills, but i can cope with the 3. TOTS Ortigoza is a cracking little player. Most will avoid him due to his pace, but he is a diamond in the CDM role for me, plus he has 99 penalties in game which making missing them near impossible. I can strongly recommend this team if anyone has a spare 200k (Ish). Only improvements would be to opt for a few slightly taller players as corners can cause a problem and maybe get someone with 4* skills to play in the wide CAM position in place of Teo, although Teo is very very good.

Let me know if you have used any of these players and how they have done for you.

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