TOTY De Bruyne to replace FB Ibra or TOTY Kante to replace Prime Ballack?

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Who would you go for? Can only afford one or the other currently. To go in this team. Would change formation to 4231 to accommodate either.

Edit: Ballack is untradeable so would become a super sub (as would Ibra)


  • Eroberto
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    Toty kante is miles ahead of 91 ballack but that will leave you with 3 midfielders who can’t win headers. Toty KDB is better than FB ibra but with heading/crossing being so overpowered, you lose the heading ability of ibra. If I had your team, I would keep the coins and use them to invest until you can get up to 3 or 4 million in time for the gullit SBC and get gullit to replace ballack.
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