A creative way to Play FIFA

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New challenge
Select a team that is in the lower leagues aka.
Ligue 2 France, league three Germany, lower leagues England
Mostly use players that are ages 16-21
Use the youth system to develop your team
1st season you are allowed to use real players but make sure too bleed them out over the course of the season unless they are 18 to 21 already then
sell the players that are 22. As that is consider the senior year in College

Scouting rules
Can only use countries that are smaller etc. Asia, Australia North America, the first three seasons. Allowed to buy a 5 star scout after third season that your club/Program

Treat your team like it’s a college program so each season constantly scout youth talent too add to the academy only add players to the starting 11 that are 18 up keep the players 17 under on the reserves until they turn 18.
Transfer rules
Only loan players with a future signing fee (optional) that are 16-18 using the Global transfer network
You can send that scout anywhere as your talent pool is limited


  • p0larh4wk
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    thats pretty much how i always play career mode. start in english league 2, youth scouts only. but i sell players when they turn 25.
  • I did one with Newport county and my oldest player is 20 just starting first premier season on FIFA 18
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