352 or 41212(2)

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Which one fits better with the game dynamics? Or is there another I should try?


  • Danic123
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    I use 41212(2).

    Tried numerous other formations but keep coming back to this one. Depends how you play though.

    I have one RB in join attack
    LB on stay back - this allows width but keeps 3atb at all times.
    I have RCM on stay back
    LCM on get forwards - this compensates for the full back instructions.

    The other instructions can be set to as you please.

    I feel this formation and instruction helps combat the meta. A solid defence & midfield through the middle, but also offers an outball out wide (the RB) & has the beauty of the CAM / 2 striker combo.
  • Campino
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    3-5-2 is superb
  • Scutch
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    Campino wrote: »
    3-5-2 is superb

    @Campino what’s your current team mate?
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