Prime Larsson worthy?

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Or is he too expensive?


  • Springveldt
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    I'm biased but I love him. He's great in the air and has good finishing.

    He's also great at tracking ball and winning the ball, with his H/H I've been tempted to stick him into midfield at times.
  • Jonx88
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    Yeah I'm biased too being a Celtic supporter but I've played 800 games with him over 700 goals, he has the engine trait and can run all game, he has aerial threat too so great in the air and his finesse shots are amazing, only thing that lets him down sometimes is his passing so I find he plays better when up front on his own in the 433 formations.
  • Boysie91
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    Better Icons but he is still good
  • FinEverton
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    Thank you. Might give a shot.
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