Moments Cards STILL Broken? *Please Fix*


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    How hard of a fix could it be? So a card points to some audio file in the game, right? You can't point the PIM card to that audio file as well?

    Granted, I'm not a computer guy. But just thinking about my own job, if I went to our computer people and told them something was broken and the fix seemed that simple and they just stared at me and said "Man . . . that's gonna take some time even if it's possible," then I would go back to my office thinking that we needed new computer people.

    No, it's never going to be a hard fix. They just don't gaf
    Precisely this. Although I do feel that since this issue blew up and tons of people were outraged, that’s the main reason they decided to discontinue the PIM releases. It had nothing to do with them being “too expensive” or whatever bogus reason they gave on Twitter.
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    Should be a lesson for all...dont give these clowns any more money
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    We got something more important to work towards now lads #freeselb
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    If you ask me, the fact there’s issues with all of the PIM’s commentary shows that they was a knee ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thing they hadn’t planned for and was just desperate for a cash grab, and obviously ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it up, making the PIM fiasco even worse for them.

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    Saw Audio files in latest update my hopes were raised but it’s just for the Premier League anthem

    All audio files are not equal
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