Headliner Sane or TIF Anderson at left Striker?

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This is my team after switching from 5-2-2-1 to 4-1-2-1-2 (2). My Anderson is untradeable and Sane is tradeable.
Got 250 goals in 200 games with Anderson and don't know if Sane is an noteable upgrade because of Anderson being untradeable^^ Maybe someone here can help me with the decision :)



  • greif44
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    Sane if you cross a lot, Anderson if you prefer to dribble
  • RealAbed
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    I've tried tif Anderson and if Sane in the same position and formation, Sane is a bit better as a ST for his positioning and finishing but I played with Anderson as I like my left striker to be right footed so it's ok, depends on which foot you like and if you like your striker to drift or be in front of goal when a chance comes
  • maw132124
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    Anderson is my favourite player ive used this year. I would just keep him, save your coins for TOTS or an icon
  • Blueray
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    Or should i use Sane at left Striker and put Anderson with 7chem on CM and sell Lingard?
  • Banckzy
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    That’s when I know I suck at this game when my cr7 has 170 goals in 200 games compared to your 250 in 200 for Anderson lol
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