Worst WL all 19



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    Last week I forgot to enter so I thought I would see what co-op camera is all about. I started on squad battles and zoomed it out even more as defending was a struggle at first. Once I got used to defending on that then co-op seemed ok so I started practicing on rivals.

    Started WL this week and I’m 8-2 so far with one loss via penalties and the other a ridiculous no look shot from Aguero running away from goal.
    I’ve had starts like this before but usually end up G2 (sometimes G1) Will be interesting to see how I got on after the weekends over.

    Co-op camera seems way better for seeing passing options and even for skilling for some reason.

    I played long time on coop but i have a feeling that is more “delayed” on it. Could be just feeling but its like a constant button delay on coop for me,maybe just because the animations are smaller or i dont know but it doesnt feel smooth like on tele broadcast

    Just lost 2 games in a row so I’m back to my normal 2 to 1 form now anyway lol

    Lol back to the beginning
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