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Carniball mertins

755 posts Semi-Pro
He is extinct atm, what can we see him selling for once they up his range from 400k?


  • Ermski
    755 posts Semi-Pro
    Judging by the lack of response i presume there's no hype regarding him so i may aswell sell for 400k
  • Springveldt
    4827 posts National Call-Up
    Didn't they just reduce his range? I thought it used to be 500K.
  • Ermski
    755 posts Semi-Pro
    edited March 2019
    Yep who ever had him lost 100k just like that
  • lukey200
    796 posts Semi-Pro
    if i was ea - reduce it again- these pathetic investors spoiling if for everyone
  • Foxsake
    2602 posts Fans' Favourite
    500 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I was going to buy him yesterday for 460k but waited in case FUT Birthday changed the market. Must be a mistake and they will up it again soon. No reason to change his card at all especially as according to FUTBIN it was the only change.
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