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So, as Anthem players are finding out, they're not getting rewarded for hours of play in a looter shooter where a lot of the fun is what's the next shiny piece of loot that will make their mech better. Well I was thinking isn't this similar to what is happening in FIFA? I'm not getting that sweet purple loot of a top IF or that legendary drop of an icon for the time I'm putting into the game. And don't get me going on the fun part.

Both games have issues with the gameplay so the fun part is also missing.

Play rivals, get squat. Play WL, get squat.

One thing I've always hated was that you had to play at least 10 games to get a crappy gold pack for free. Surely every 3 or 4 games you should get a free pack. And the less than 1% chance for a high rated player, well I'm still laughing at them laughing at us.

So, bearing in mind this game has died quicker than most FIFA's, besides pack weight and the obvious fix your game, what else is needed? More game modes? More ways to make money to buy top players?

I still will be buying FIFA 20 and I still will give em some money for packs on day one, but I'm an addict that actually hates what he's doing as I do truly hate EA, the devs that don't have to answer to anyone and only discuss the game with those YouTubers who spend 10s if thousands on packs.

Has anyone seen batesons 30 mil in coins, 52k in points and a 60mil team already? Of course he's going to be the voice of reason and represent the masses.

Sorry, just feeling ranty...:(


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    Moved it to the UT Section for you.
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    Good analogy i reckon. This game has lost the veneer of possibility that you could pack something worthwhile. They have given us more rewards but nerfed them to compensate. So we have to play more than ever to get less than before. Pretty slick really but i think they messed the balance up and people are leaving cause who needs a second job.
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    Alex wrote: »
    Moved it to the UT Section for you.

    Cheers mate.
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