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Is division 1 exhausting at times?

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  • HekTic_JukeZ
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    If it gets exhausting, probably a good sign to take a break.
  • RichieDaSavage
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    If it gets exhausting, probably a good sign to take a break.

    I took a two week break and I came back for three games and it feels like a lot with all the high pressure, I'm up against lol.
  • Batjuice19
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    Just depends on the stretch of people you face.. You might face lots of lag or endless sweat. Once in a blue moon you get a stretch of good players.. I find the lower divisions to have more skilled better players that just don't want to lower themselves to sweating like a lot of the people that get to div 1 without having any skill.

    I usually use bronze or silver team in div 1 then drop back down to lower divs like 3 and 2 and hope for better. Lately tho it's tough to see any difference between the divs
  • anh2222
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    Almost every1 is playing high pressure on div 1 now. most dont know how to defend, and yet they play ultra attack and super high pressure. easy goal once u get the ball and a through ball through all their defense. Its been pretty easy against those teams for me.
  • Clancy
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    Exhausting is EXACTLY the word for it
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