Carniball Pulisic

Any reviews on him? I’m considerin him for my 3-5-2 bundes squad.


  • Slawter
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    Great player, his RTTF is weirdly one of my favourite players i've used this year and so far this version is just a slight improvement on everything that card was.
    Personally think he's much better suited to a role further forward, take advantage of the stats he has (his jumping means he wins so many headers) so i've got him in this;
    So far he's been the most impactful player in the team.
  • I see he would definately be better placed up front and I already have carni Ribery at lm. My main reason for using 3-5-2 is that I have prime Butra, spotm Reus and pim Socrates. I would probably drop Butra because although he is clinical he is just too weak and the 3* skills are a let down.

    Feels like a lot of coins wasted for him to sit on the bench.
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