[PS4] Club champion div 1 Recruit players from america

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Console: PS4
Club name: Lyon Warrior XI
Size of Club: 19 members
Position(s) Wanted: CDM CM RB CAM
Region: Canada
Trial needed?: yes
Club style: Competitive 11 vs 11
Additional Info:
- no uk player
- french or english
- 22h-1h new york gmt
- Lyon style Pass at ground possession
- message me on ps4 : karimru

Team info:

We are looking for mature and serious team players who are interested in joining our active team.

We are from America based and are only looking for people from this region.

We play most late evening 22h-1h USA East Time each day. We play in ACL League 11 vs 11 the schedule of official matchs are 2 match 0h30 tuesday and 2 match 0h30 thursday.

We utilize an organized defense with strikers and cam who back defend for tackle in our own box if need it. So everyone should be concerned by DEFENSIVE INVOLVEMENT.
We emphasize on solid defensive blocus after losing the ball and possession by slow short passing, we not playing quick counter attack because we need to wait our strikers and mids to take back their position.

Loyality and organization are important to us:

1. Man who play in another club when we need it is ban no way how top he is ... we are a TEAM

2. We play freedom position as long some one else cover you ( i will explain you in the club )

3. No ego vfl top stats and other blablabla

4. No 'ANY' selections. We play 5-11 vs

5 Formation 4-1-2-1-2 with 2 CM

6. Everyone defend and everyone pass the ball

player wanted priority 1: CM

We need some one who >

1-good for 1 & 2 short pass between 2 player close each to other in the axis
2- Organize the play go take the ball in the leg of our defender and start 1 & 2 pass with others mids
3- back cover wing back in opponent counter attack

Bonus >
- good finition shots
- good dribble in small area for give better pass

Player Wanted priority 2: CDM

1- good defender for intercept the ball high on mid
2- we need technical CDM who can do something with the ball
3-Never make forward runs when the ball is in our half of the pitch. I kicked 50% of cdm for that reason

Bonus >
- good header on defense
- big intensity

Player wanted priority 3: RB

We need some one who >
1- good defensive position is the key
2- respect offcide line and stay back in our corners
3- don t clear the ball and pass at ground in the axis to cdm or cm ( don t spam passing on your line or switch side )

Bonus >
- make run wide like winger ( marcelo )
- versatile player who mixt between crossing second post and lateral pass ground

Player wanted priority 4: CAM

We need some one who >
1- big vision over 30 pass per match
2- assist and score depend of situation
3- back defense like cdm

Bonus >
- first touch passing around opponent penalty area
- power long shot outside the box

If you are interested in a trial-period you can send a trial request to us on playstation:
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