Does anyone play Fifa 19 anymore?

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As the title says, does anyone play Fifa 19 anymore? After the latest patch the game is totally unplayable so I am just wondering.


  • Renamed12345678
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    Nope. Have you notice the tackling now? Every pass there is either a block or the opponent getting the ball without tackling
  • Nope, dead game
  • MadJohnMadnesS
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    Nope.Dead for me.Have not touched fifa over a month now.
  • FifaVet
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    lmao. Same. Especially for champions was horrible.
  • Bbkyle
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    dont play it anymore, but come on the forums. sort yourselves out.
  • DarkMakoEyes
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    I just play it for official leagues in Pro Clubs. 4 matches a week. Sometimes I give it a try but after 2 matches I remember what all the bugs are and I leave.
  • tstuber
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    Dont play since months. But i still play fifa18
  • Cooler08
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    I stopped playing Career Mode about 2 weeks ago. I've been playing Online Seasons the last 2 weeks.

    I think the game is definitely better online than it is in Career Mode playing against the CPU. But when you get to the higher divisions such as Division 5, it's really apparent how much the game is based on luck.

    For example, I was playing against Bayern Munich, the score was 2-2. I dominated the 2nd half, hit the post 3 times. The opponent goes up the other end and scores with just one shot on goal. But that is just one of many examples. There are moments in the game where the game feels very open when a player scores so you can tell the CPU wants there to be a goal rather than it being because a player created a great opening through good play.
  • PPerfect_CJ
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    Still playing my Career Mode, but it's a real struggle. I think it's more out of habit than anything. The game-play is just awful, now.
  • Pwalie86
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    I'm playing it. Gameplay is fine for me, but career mode is absolutely boring. Not looking good when it's the only thing you ever bought the game for.

    I find that every year passes I seem to be playing less. It's not due to other commitments as I have plenty of spare time after work, but it's a real chore at times.

    I used to go through a season in about 2 weeks. Now it takes me just about 2 months. I never sim games either.
  • Disciple_2018
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    Not anymore, rubbish game.
  • p0larh4wk
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    no point. Game is trash and EA don't care.
  • p0larh4wk wrote: »
    no point. Game is trash and EA don't care.

    We still play kick off mode in our house but we all have a laugh at some of the crazy things that happen in games. Players ghosting through other players is the best one... get off my train 😂
  • No... Rubbish broken boring game... Stopped playing a month after release... Have tried several times to give it another go after updates but with all the problems, glitches, bugs, missing players and some league's not getting transfer window updates (CSL) makes it to hard to accept...
  • Gunin
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    Not seriously. If you play this game in any serious fashion you're a loser.
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