Kick off glitch

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They need to stop doing all these lite patches and patch the main issue, THE KICKOFF GLITCH!!


  • Danic123
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    This has been an issue for ten years.

    Heads up - it will still be an issue for the next ten years. There is simply no desire to remove it.
  • Arron xox
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    It's not a glitch
  • Empyrium7
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    "there is no such thing" according to EA

    yet, all the players complain about the kick off where your player are not your players anymore.
    where your opponent that didn't see your GK suddenly becomes a god and can maneuver through your defense while you are watching your players backing up.

  • DarthGrowler
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    Arron xox wrote: »
    It's not a glitch

  • tauras
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    I've always found best thing to do is pick one player and track back with him instead of constantly switching from player to player.
  • Arron xox wrote: »
    It's not a glitch

  • Whoman
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    They actually did fix it last year in a patch, no idea why it did't carry over. The root problem remains the fact that the ball can now be passed straight back, creating that bit more space. Before that rule change you could simply tackle the living **** out of the opponent getting the 2nd pass, now you can't do that anymore ...
  • CokePrime
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    As soon as the opponent gets in your half use offside trap, wakes all your players up and gets them moving, works really well for me.
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