CR7 Problems

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Since the last patch I feel like CR7 is a bit off.

It could be the fact that I upgraded my Mbappe to TOTY Mbappe at the exact same time and he just outshines CR7, but it just doesn't feel right anymore.

Can you get a better striker paired with Mbappe for a similar price as CR7, or am I just being mad?

89/ 91 Cruyff, 89/ 91 Eusebio are all close to my coins if I sold CR7. Are they too similar to Mbappe. I do feel like CR7 does have something a bit different about him.

TL;DR - Can you do better than Ronaldo, for Ronaldo sort of price (+1m) ??


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    I haven't played with earlier patches but I've packed 95 CR7 and been played around 100 games online, even if I'm not the best of FIFA player, but everytime he gets the ball he is not that good, his finishing and scoring is excellent but players like Ousmane Dembele, Allan, Dybala feels better with the ball, passing, dribbling etc.
    Ronaldo just scores for fun.
    Maybe it's my problem, because I'm not a skiller in the game, you probably needs to use skill moves to dribble around with him, I don't know, but players like dybala moves very smoothly while dribbling without any skill moves, but CR7 feels a little heavy.
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    And about your problem, I've tried Cruyff 91 loan card and he was excellent, even in the air which is a plus for cr7, also cruyff has 5* 5* .
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