EA improve your product

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Just can’t play at evenings. The servers are pure sh**
Absolutely disgusting company


  • SinkXI
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    I’m currently playing the worst gameplay I have ever played on any fifa. Servers are a disgrace
  • SinkXI
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    edited March 10
    Been having to put up with this all day... you’d think I had a potato for a router wouldn’t you ?

  • Pow_patrol70
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    Same here
    Can’t play the game anymore
  • SinkXI
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    I was 15:2 yesterday. Left the rest for today and I’m 18:9 😂 never leaving til the Sunday night again
  • Kasuyo
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    Haha never will they improve fifa, they just release half made game then patch it.
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    They have no need to improve their product as there's no competition and a massive market for a football game.

    Unfortunately things aren't going to change and until they announce major server changes I won't be buying another EA game.
  • clsMUFC
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    Thought i was the only one.. could not get one game yesterday without lag, even in online single's
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