Have way more fun in Rivals than in WL

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This WL is so full of bs this is simply unheard of.

Today after going 6-0 I lost to a guy who was 1080 points under me in skill ratings. I then lost the very next game while having 35 shots, with 28 on target and 5 posts. I was leading 5-1 in the game when it all became a complete joke. He scored 8 goals, 6 of which were rebounds, most of them on my own players and several of them on his. I learned afterwards that my opponent was 700 skill points below me.

I think ppl would be SO surprised at how low some guys who beat them actually are. We all know that we lose games against lower opponents, but when we messaged eachother and I heard their skill ratings it just completely proves how much bs there is .

DR is clearly not the best thing the world has known but i found it quite nice to grind the divisions up. Started in 6 and I am now at 2180 points, one win away from 2.

Also, you also lose ugly games but at least it is against closely skilled opponents and it does not really matter in the bigger picture.

I did not play WL last week-end and it was such a better week-end than the ones I try to play WL (and usually manage 20 games tops). I am now 12 - 6 but having no fun whatsoever. Never had that little fun playing this game when I play WL.


  • hayhor1
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    Until a couple weeks ago wl was much more relaxed and less try hard than rivals. This has all changed and now both are horrible. This game needa a casual mode.
  • Roc_Xel
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    So I basically stoped at 13-7, could not bother any more yesterday, despite being one away from Gold. This WL was probably the worse I ever played. I lost almost all my games from opponents ranked 1100 to 400 points under me in Rivals, as we messaged afterwards. And if someone gonna say their Rivals SR, they are more likely to say it is higher than it really is instead of the opposite.

    Somehow, WL erases any skill advantage you may have over your opponent. I lost the usual games with 20 shots to 7, but _I also had people ranked 1500 or 1600 (I am 2180) who were like playing "like" me, and I had like 4 more shots at the end only, even possession, as if I simply could not play my usual game. I was playing like a 1500 SR in these games without me really knowing why.

    Funny because I feel a constant level increase when I play Rivals, and keep climbing, yet nothing in the WL. It's really as if it makes no difference if I play a player who has 1500 or 2000 skill ratings points.

    What I did too this Saturday is that I went shopping and got me a big new pc with an rtx 2080 inside and a fat new 144 mhz screen. Gonna leave Fifa for a bit to focus on pc, which, after all remains my first love :D
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    I feel like EVERY Rivals game is one of those really tough, sweaty, unfair WL games.

    I guess it shows that matchmaking works in Rivals, but it's just not fun in the slightest. Ever.

    Having said that, this WL was a bit brutal. Stopped at 14, but took more losses than I normally would.
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