Best budget gold players? Best sweat formation?

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Looking to do a little experiment as I didn't play enough WL/Rivals to qualify for this week, but I packed CR7 so I'm going to have fun with him before selling.

I want to change from my 4-3-3(2) and make the absolute filthiest rare gold team

Only thing is CR7 will remain up top, I want to **** people off and actually win too since I like Div 1 rewards.

Chem for him is irrelevant, he performs the same on 3 or 10 chem.

And since I'm using budget golds, I want to use the absolute scummiest formation, can't stick to my normal one/tactics as I'll just turn over the ball too much.

Who are the culprits?

I'm thinking people like Sane, Manolas, Nainggolan, etc players under 20k that perform the same as 100k-600k players.

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