Penalties vs AI impossible !!!!!!

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Playing a SB game. Get 2 penalties and the keeper saves both, even when I change directions during run up. I've now missed my last 8 pens vs the AI . Don't tell me the AI isn't doing something to guess these all right, it's impossible


  • senaffc
    1155 posts Professional
    I always score when changing direction, didn't play SB for the last 3 weeks tho
  • Brownian_Motion
    380 posts Sunday League Hero
    The AI doing something to « guess ». I am wondering how. Try to blindfold your ps4 maybe?
  • Renamed123456
    6198 posts Big Money Move
    I'm really good at penalties and win the large majority of mine against human opponents. Beat the cpu too.

    I had one shootout against cpu though where they saved (almost) every Shot, including several top corner shots.

    It was like, alright of course mate...
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