EA please balance the game

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All we want is a football game where PTB is not the most effective tactic.


  • Empyrium7
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    what bother me about the drop back - counter attack is how easy you can counter in this game.
    scoring a counter is way easier than scoring a goal after a good build up.

    the accuracy of passes and clearances from defenders to the STs is ridiculous.
    irl ,there is no way you can do a driven pass or a clearance from a defender to the ST with this accuracy every time.

    most players play drop back and leave a player or two up front. the AI will get them the ball back. driven pass forward. wait for support, 1-2 ping pong passing and they are clear on goal.

    the game is so frustrating and unrewarding
  • rebe
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    don't get your hopes up, the community has been complaining about AI defending and drop back and they've done nothing yet, they probably won't do anything about it this fifa.

    I'm quitting since this week because i've been playing every WL so far and had some decent pack luck in the beginning so had a solid team, still get battered by teams with a guaranteed cr7 and 5 icons every time, they don't touch their controller when defending and that's how they win, zero skill gap involved and i won't keep playing this just to get 84's out of my 100k packs every week.
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