Who are your longest serving players?

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Interested to see who your longest serving players? Mine are all SBC's granted but I have these versions because they are players that would never leave my team so wanted the best version I could get.


Insigne 1000+ games - I haven't played a game of FIFA this year without him since the first IF came out, he's my longest serving player as I racked up about 500 with the normal IF before the SBC came out, I literally love this player... so tricky and finishing etc is so much better than stats suggest.


MVS 654+ games - Absolute rock in midfield, the formation I play doesn't allow him to really make the most of his finishing and passing skills but he does the job I need him to as the rest of my team are quite small. Not a bad record from a defensive position though.


Skriniar 620+ games - Unbelievable CB, so happy I did the SBC for cheap during TOTY - People were saying RIP SBC Skriniar owners but I'd already racked p about 450 games when the headliner came out so really not bothered! Cant recommend highly enough!

So who has been your stalwart players this year? Top 3 please!


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