Gameplay lol.

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Currently playing this as i’m bored with UT. This gameplay is something else. Currently 34-1-4. But I honestly feel zero enjoyment playing this mode.

Matching with people who’s internet providers run on a potato and just how off passing and everything feels is making me dislike it even more.

I’ve literally stopped playing defense entirely and the AI is SO much stroger here than in Ultimate team its unreal. Like you’re better off not playing D lmao.

Tried to adjust my Camera and i cant adjust it because i go into change it and it literally just pretends like i didnt change it.

My LW is always in a different position.

To me there is more to this game than winning. Its the overall feel of this game and even this game mode feels like absolute Sh*t.

As a whole. Entire title needs to be late term aborted.


  • Brydobhoy
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    So annoying when you know your opponent is a terrible player but you cant seem to score that 2nd goal and when you do they score a kick off goal.
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