Pro Clubs Fifa 20 UPGRADES

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Hi, my name is danypons8 and i have playing pro clubs since 2011.
I can explain how is possible to have the same mode pro clubs in all Fifa games.
EA you have a great and big pro clubs communitty, you have anwers to your questions to upgrade the game.
The only thing you need is listen de players and work on it.
If I can help or I can do anything for the game and for all the pro clubs players, im in 100 presdisposition.
But I cant see a Fifa 19 Pro clubs with no upgrades please.
Work work work on it please!

Things we need:
-A team training mod
-A free training camp
-More different stlye players (Strike creator, strike reference, defensive midfielder, box to box midfielder, etc)
-Create custom leagues inside the pro clubs mode
-Customs kits, customs shields
-Make substitusions during the game
-Reconnect to the game
-Specter mode
-Custom bots.

And more ideas for work on it!!!
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