1,210 players online fifa claims but no player found to play with?

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I remember from 2016 when, one has to struggle and keep trying and trying amd trying before he could get a player to play with in season mode. This bullsh!t continued to fifa 17 and it was obvious that EA's stupid arse servers was the problem. In fifa 18 this problem was erased and it brought joy at least to people who wanted to play online in matchmaking. And behold and again. EA servers has gone nuts again! 1,210 players online they claim but you can search till the next day and you'll still not find anybody to play with. This makes the purchase of the game a stupid idea because one can spend that money on a diff online capable game and enjoy what he or she pay for than to spend it on this crap! All what admins on here knows are their so called rules and warning, did they ever think people would come up here to praise them when the game is working as EA purports? Forums are created for complaints and nkt appraisals, so-called administrators on tbis forum.


  • Mobc1990
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    It’s at least 5k of people online on ps4.Are you playing on the PC?
    I got a switch,I wonder how many people are online on switch as it is not displayed
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