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Poulsen 86 or Jovic 86?

1152 posts Professional
On 4-1-2-1-2 with Lewandowski.

Poulsen looks like a Ibra for poors and Jovic seems to be more complete.


  • BSDShoes
    2999 posts National Call-Up
    Different playstyles, if you like crossing+header, Poulsen is your man, if you like get in behind and dribbilng then it's Jovic.
  • malky
    479 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Jovic 86 is class👍
  • BSDShoes
    2999 posts National Call-Up
    Finnbogason is another decent ST, good at everything but not great at anything- a jack of all trades.
  • MagicMaestro
    123 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Jovic has been better for me. I’m finding UEL Rebic better than both though, if your interested in other options
  • CeeQue
    12039 posts Has That Special Something
    UEL Rebic or FFS Joelinton if you did it. But for the price Jovic for that 5* WF.
  • jstracci
    294 posts Sunday League Hero
    I've tried Jovic ( 86 and future) and I bet I'm the only one who couldn't get around with him. However, Poulsen is doing really great among side Werner and Reus. I start like that and in the second half, somebody will be benched to give a spot to Ibra...
  • ZiaFC
    148 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    They are both great options I have found that Jovics shooting and finnishing to be a bit better. But if you want a target man for crosses etc Poulsen will be the much better option. As a side note I have found the IF Rebic to be surprisingly decent. Just position change him to striker otherwise the card is not that great and he should be much cheaper.
  • RoosterBlue
    1283 posts Professional
    I prefer Jovic, especially if you're using him along side Lewandowski.
  • the_bad_seeds_fc
    582 posts An Exciting Prospect
    My man Yussuf all the way
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