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Buy Cardiff Silvers?

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edited March 2019
They have crashed because of the rare electrum player packs in the store yesterday.

The CBs were 15k, are now 6k.

These set of packs in the store are the last for the promo and don't contain any silver players.

Worth investing into these? Especially with the potential of a new SBC player being added into the BPL at some stage - there are 3 and the league SBCs will have a max capacity of 5


  • The_WC
    497 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Thanks for the tip yesterday good shout.
  • fifaplayerbol
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    I made over a million coins on those eredivise CB silvers, bought for 15k, they are now selling for 35k, cardiff CB's bought for 5k, selling for 11k.

    Wish I had bought more now!
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