Why does my Rivaldo score first time outside of the box bangers with his 2* right foot?

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It hurts me

Not even timed shooting (I've had it disabled all FIFA) or finesse

Just bang

I'm so tempted to just discard my team and play non fut seasons/pro clubs only, I don't like that I score a goal I shouldn't score FREQUENTLY, a 2* wf is not meant to do that, yet at times on his strong foot he misses sitters that are certified FIFA goals

I can't wrap my head around how this is possible

It's not a 1 in 10 games things

It's an almost every time he scores thing

My Rivaldo scores the same amount with his right as he does with his left

The woodwork trolling is out of control as well

The finishing in this patch is amazing when it's not trolling

Someone give me strength to understand these things

I know when it's the forbidden words too as I actually know for a 100% fact when and why/how they're implemented, but this isn't even that, it's just a random modifier applied to shots to hit the post for NO reason

The problem is that when you ask what's wrong with this game you can't give a logical answer anymore, other FIFA's it was easy to identify it, this FIFA it's just a troll, literally random trolling from EA and random mechanics, no sense to them


  • ASX
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    Are you using a mirror when playing?
  • sonnyfilth
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    ASX wrote: »
    Are you using a mirror when playing?

    I wish there was some comical reason as to why it's happening

    But the game is just in an odd state

    There is like, one of the most amazing bases/foundations this FIFA for great gameplay, but then the random factors added in ruin that
  • sonnyfilth
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    Next game he does the best cross of the game

    Off balance


    I love it hahaha

    Weak foot crosses have this weird accuracy multiplier that is higher than a strong foot cross, I don't know why but ah well
  • Thuq
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    How come Richarlison's weak foot is 5 star but still misses open goal with finess shot just outside box?
    It's in the game
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