Seeing as I no longer play, thought I would share my pack story.

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This year I thought I would keep track of all packs I opened from the store and take note of any worthy pulls. 0 fifa points have been bought and this is all through coins. This doesn't include opening packs from rewards/sbc's however players are included in my list. So lets go:

Coins spent on packs = 8,307,500. Pack value will probably be 10mil+ if I included SBC/rewards.

Noteworthy pulls.

100k+ = Base Klose(600k), Base Hernandez(600k), IF Martial(130k), Kante(285k), Salah(130k).
50k+ = Fabinho(80k), Neuer(60k), Eriksen(74k), MOTM Rodrigo(62k), SIF Bellarabi(60k).

Rest are under 50k. Another 50-60 players or so ranging from 10k - 50k however they are 86+ rated/special.

Untradeables = De Bruyne, Pogba, Courtois, Isco, Kroos, IF Fernandinho.
The full list. 2645dbd8ec2a153cf29c39d000da76ab.png

This is my team, however I haven't touched the game since TOTY. Just do SBCs and open packs on the web app.


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