i really just lost a match off of two red timed headers

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i almost lost my mind in here this game is really broken


  • Pnub
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    The game is really dodgy this weekend. I just lost a game where Salah missed from the edge of the 6 yard box, aimed inside goal and then goes wide. And to finish it off 1 minute past the "end" of extra time and Van Dijk blocks a shot on goal goes down like he's been shot the ball rebounds perfectly to his player and bam goal.
    Its just totally frustrating players with 90+ finishing missing sitters inside the box aimed perfectly, CB's thinking they are Strikers at corners or just plain going awol
  • mway
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    Don´t worry. I hit 6 posts in a match and lost. :D
  • Pnub
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    Ahh the post's i swear they have a magnet on them and i don't seem to get the luck where the deflection goes into the goal
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