90 Mbappe - worth the coins?

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As mentioned above. Is he worth the coins, i.e. around 1.1 mil? His central card may be unique due to the fact that we will probably receive a TOTS version at RW.

What is more, is he an end game card? My plan is to use him as a LCAM next to CCAM Pele and RCAM Raul.


  • NDJ591
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    Hes amazing
  • xHerdie
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    I’ve used Mbappe (any version) pretty much all year. Used this version when he was first in packs and took like 200k profit but regretted it instantly

    This card plays soooooooo much better than the nif and first If. Like huge difference for me. Even used the toty for roughly 40 games (that card is something else as well) however still preferred this version.

    Not that the toty is worse in any way, but the price difference doesn’t justify it

    Well worth the 1.1m (which I paid fresh and won’t get rid of this time)
  • libertao
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    Another brace today, MOTM in a 2-1 win, playing striker -- might get TOTW this time.
  • Foxsake
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    Wouldn’t touch the sif he is likely to get a if card this week scoring 2 goals
  • NDJ591
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    Foxsake wrote: »
    Wouldn’t touch the sif he is likely to get a if card this week scoring 2 goals

    Mbappe sif price is decent. Tif will be 1.7kk ++
    Sif is only cheap because of the Event
  • Falafelmonster
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    He's not getting a TIF for scoring two
  • TonyPicasso
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    Yes he’s clutch, won’t be leaving my team this year
  • McRaven
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    I don't think there are other players around his price with 5* skills, 4* WF, incredible dribbling, shooting, decent passing and almost max speed. Got his red and he's fantastic on the wing (change IG), I'm sure he's good as an LCAM.
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    Go with the cheaper version and save some coins.

    I start in a 433(2) with IF Neymar at LW, RTTF Cavani at Striker and IF Mbappe at LW and then switch to a 41212(2) using D-pad at kick off. Mbappe gets 10 chem and moves to Striker (Neymar goes to CAM) at that point and the coins saved from not having to use a central Neymar or Mbappe card is massive.
  • NDJ591 wrote: »
    Hes amazing

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