Biggest gripe with FIFA, even worse for me than the icon trolling this year.

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I'm not sure if anyone else remember this or bothers them as much as it does me

But the thing that bothers me the most in this game is....

A few years back, not sure when it got removed, some time between 11 and 16

You could during the post match highlights pick specific goals/highlights/etc to upload to the EA servers

You could only have x amount of upload slots, it'd directly upload it from the game, so you didn't have to upload it yourself or use your net, etc, quality was crisp, angles were good.

Was really nice quick easy way to share and showcase your goals with friends as you'd go to your EA profile page and bam just share them the link and it'd play from the EA media site

They remove it one year PURELY TO CUT DOWN HOSTING COSTS and said "the goal replay save feature wasn't being used as intended"

Billion dollar company

Sharing goals wasn't being used as intended

Live mechanism

Injects 0 owner players in to the icon 5 at a time when they're extinct from packs due to promo's/etc

Never a dollar again :D
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