New bug? No pen but player booked and commentary says it's a pen

Ze Jay
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I was just playing a champs match and my opponent slide tackled Ronaldo in the box with Ramos, the game continued as if nothing had happened and no play on icon was shown to suggest there was even a foul in the first place. Not long after Cruyff was given off side and the game pulls up Ramos for the foul and the commentators even start talking about it is a penalty and a booking yet it's a free kick to the opposition for the offside.

I recorded it but the audio is cut abit as dvr recorded mid commentary to watch the foul back then when I heard the commentary about it being a pen I then recorded again so mid video the audio briefly cutsout but you still hear it.

My opponent after even agreed the commentary said it was a penalty

Is this a weird one off bug?
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