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Advise to EA, fix the game, it's hurting your bottom line.

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There have been so many complaints about game play and/or connection issues here. And EA never seems to listen or care.

I would like to try to speak some language hope they would understand.

You need to fix the gameplay. Nobody (of course other than people with parents' money and obsession for any newer shinier things) will use FPs to buy packs if there is no difference between high rated players and lower ones.

When the 90 pass players still pass the ball directly to the defender when there is no pressure, when a 90 dribble player's first touch make the ball 3 feet away, there is just no reason for people to upgrade their team.

this mean no incentive to buy packs, thus no FP purchases, and NO MONEY will flow in for you on the in-game purchase.


  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    If this game actually worked properly and pack weight wasn't so bad I would definitely consider spending money.

    The way things are now I feel robbed for even buying the game so I can only imagine how people that buy FPs feel.
  • Slawter
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    There's been a glitch in pro clubs since literally day 1 where in the majority of formations the position indicator will tell the player playing CAM to play basically LB, hurting their match rating massively, still unfixed to this day.
    Should feel fortunate that in UT they eventually fix most issues despite the fact it usually takes longer than it should.
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