Thoughts on this idea?

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You should get at least one player, based on the last two digits of your squad rating(excluding substitutions) from rewards. A separate pack, guaranteeing a player who is worth something. Or it can be in a normal pack with a guaranteed player and the same odds on packing someone better. In weekend league, the amount of packs or guaranteed players increase. Silver 1 = 1 player of the squad rating, Gold 3-1 = two players etc. Division Rivals would be the same I suppose.

Why? I see a lot of people on these forums who say that pack nothing and they put blood, sweat and tears into this game and they get nothing to show for it. You can say we're being rewarded enough through weekend league, division rivals and SBCs, but are we actually being rewarded for playing such a faulty game? I've seen youtube videos of people in top 100 and pack absolutely nothing. It get depressing to watch and I feel bad for both the content creator and the person who runs the account.

This will probably have flaws but could be something to work on; but I even wonder if this would be possible.


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    Last two digits of our squad ratings........? Yeah I can't wait to get a rating of 90+ then I get more chances of getting Messi, Neymar TOTY and Ronaldo

    I can only see that happening in buying FIFA Points, even though some still cry on here that it doesnt happen
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