New Patch, New Game

Mr. Soper
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Don't believe they haven't changed gameplay.

Just downloaded new patch and holy speed attack. Players are moving around the pitch way faster. Strikers are out pacing CBs, with ease, GK have gone to garbage. PKs out the yingyang.

First game lost 2-4
second game tie 5-5
third game won 4-1

play is just so different it is like a whole new game. Anyone else notice.


  • bucs0576
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    You just had a good connection.
  • Mr. Soper
    2637 posts National Call-Up
    Never notice much connection wise, I've had "lag" ,maybe one game all year. I think the people who have an issue with lag might have some internet provider issues. Seems Europeans have the most issues.
  • hwright27
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    Yeah my games have been slow, boring. Everyone sat on drop back, nobody has had more than 8 shots, so boring, so heavy, and I'm only 30 mins outside London where there is apparently some kind of thing they claim is a server.
  • JURITO1000
    1662 posts Play-Off Hero
    nothing changed...just normal everyday different gameplay
  • bucs0576
    2357 posts Fans' Favourite
    You sir, are very lucky. I haven't had a 5 bar game since the patch that was supposed to help connectivity. I find that very odd. Some games are good, some are bad. The problem is the bad far outweigh the good. Either way I've just stopped playing as much.
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