Optimus prime Seedorf reviews?



  • lucas
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    Tboon wrote: »
    Anyone tried his new card already? I really want to do the sbc, he fits perfectly in my team and I was a big fan of Seedorf irl. But I've to use all my untrable players and coins... so is he worth it?

    Playing with fav players > meta, if you like him just do him i’m saving up for lampard and larsson atm just do it
  • Tboon
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    I finally tried his loan card and i didn't expect much to be honest. There were are lot of bad reviews about him.

    I tried him 4 games as cam and 4 games as cdm/cm. He surprised me! He feels very strong and he's everywhere on the pitch! I scored already some very nice goals :).

    But is he worth the coins? Im not sure...
  • Stone_cold_tea93
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    Tboon wrote: »
    But is he worth the coins? Im not sure...

    If you’re not sure don’t do him.
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