Totally gutted

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I have been waiting and waiting for a flashback falcao card with the intention of building a team around him as he is my all time favourite player. Having done his sbc I waited a few days before I was able to actually play with him. Brought him on as a sub for 3 games, 3 goals, was loving it and excited to play him from the start.
Totally underwhelmed. Doesn’t seem to excel at anything and just be average at everything. Tried him in a pair, as a lone striker and nothing works.
In comparison hl arnautovic, ffs joelinton, ucl rashford even nif teixera keep banging them in. Gutted, sbc fodder I’m afraid


  • Least he was nice n cheap
  • russfred
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    Yeah, suppose for the price and pack return you can’t expect too much. Packed godin and otamendi so not all bad
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    I absolutely guarantee you that you're problem is you are forcing the play through him.

    And therefore you're taking chances with him you woundnt usually take with another player.
  • DanValletta
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    I subbed him on once out of curiosity and was actually pleasantly surprised. Don't try to force the play.
  • Can post the same topic regarding sbc Cech
  • WarrenBarton
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    He ain’t got a 5* week foot and amazing long shots like the good ol days
  • Bags
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    i just did him for sbc fodder but i actually quite like him. tend to bring him on if i am chasing the game as 2nd ST. Often drop Best to CAM and play him alongside Zlatan. He does feel a bit like a poor mans Zlatan but you cant deny he is lethal in the box. You just need to feed him
  • Renamed123456
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    Keep playing him.

    Fabinho was absolutely lacklustre for 100 games for me. Now he's like a CB in my midfield.
  • QceCapo
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    King Zlatan was awful for me first 25-30 games and now he's amazing. Keep with him.
  • o Magico
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    I wanted him to be good as well but objectively he's horrendous. He can win headers, if he has acres of space in the box he can definitely finish but he lacks pace, agility, passing and stamina which in this meta are just absolute must haves. It's a shame, always appreciated him irl and his TOTS from FUT 11 and 12 were so much fun with the 5* WF and just all round ridiculous stats
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