Can't stay with potm hazard anymore

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I mean he can take the ball and score but he's just not my cup of tea u know..
What ya guys suggest?

Current team:
Potmhazard zlatan butranego92
KanteIF Cancelo89
MendyFL Ferdinand Ramos juanfran87
Got like 1mil left..
Any suffestions for hazard?

Will appreciate any suggestions.


  • holdenwait
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    why tho? he's so so so good. almost 700 games in. what a bargain he was

    not many upgrades over him on LW tbh for that price range. maybe try nedved for fun factor?
    or sell some stuff for FS vinicus jr
  • Nedved is okay but he isn’t in Hazards level. He’s in my team till the end.

    You could pick up a otw Felipe Anderson for fairly cheap. He said like hazard but more electric.

    If you want someone bigger in size then maybe mid Henry
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    I came back after a few months of not playing and totally changed up my team and I've been loving it. I had a similar team to yours, had butra, have POTM hazard, but I also had messi up front. Was just not a very tall team. Sold Messi/Butra and got IF Pogba and Crespo instead.

    I play 41212 narrow and have pogba CM on the left behind Hazard. What has really been successful for me is getting it to pogba and doing the curved through ball to hazard. He basically acts like a winger for me. He crosses it to Crespo and it's brilliant.

    Point is, I was just about ready to bench him as well, but he's just too good of a playmaker. I used to try to score with him everytime he got a touch, but I realized that he's so good at drawing in pressure. If I was you I'd try out zlatan hazard up front and then R7 at CAM.
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